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Typically, the bedroom is a personal space and the place that you use to relax after a hard day. Correctly bedroom design will look reasonable and make you feel happy and comfortable also. There are several ideas of the decorating bedroom. You can choose it for yourself.


Grey bedroom idea

This would be a beautiful bedroom with gray color, bring you a peaceful space.


White-grey bedroom design

Feel the atmosphere with a big glass door and let the light come to refresh your house.


Blue-white bedroom idea

The inspiration for a balcony room to get fresh air and rest at night. The best combination of white and blue make you feel cool and comfortable.

In general, the bedroom is a space that you spend most time to stay at home. To design your bedroom, the first and the biggest decision you should make is that position of furniture and bedroom layout. Then, after selecting your furniture and bed style, it is time to decorate your bedroom.

Bedroom color and decorating ideas

Although bedroom color is often a personal idea and favorite, there are some neutral painting colors that you should choose for more relaxing and beautiful for sleeping area. A study has shown that with blue color people are easy to fall sleep and get it more due to its calmness. Also, bright color tends to make better mood but they would keep you up longer and harder to get sleep at night. For people who sleep quite hard at night should choose a neutral color for bedroom such as blue, gray or brown. Furthermore, some pictures also would make your room more bright and cool.

If you want to use the warm range colors such as softer blue, green, orange, etc. to create a welcome environment, they are often too stimulating. So, you should choose it when combining with other color or use as accents around the room.

When searching for decorating bedroom ideas, your options are endless. When choosing out your bedroom design, the first thing to start is furniture. Recently, artwork or large painting pictures will become more popular in design that make you relax and put you at ease. In addition, mirrors are a unmissable thing in the room making it even larger and brighten up. In the bedroom, of course, bedding is always important. You can make your room more attractive and ease with the decorative pillows or blankets which are decorated by your own. Lastly, the furniture should fit the bedroom color and the positions are important also. You can take 2 small table next to your bed to put a lamp and some books. Moreover, you should avoid sharp things such as sword, knife, etc. which can actually make your sleep trouble.

Bedroom layout

Selecting the fitness comforter for your need should not be easily at the beginning due to their endless choice. However, before buying a furniture set, it is necessary to consider the bedroom size. Measure the furniture and tape out whether it fit your space or not. Be sure that you have a walking space and your furniture is not too large which make you uncomfortable moving and rest. In addition, when picking a bed spot, consider its dimension, window and door direction. It would be bad ideas if you lay your bed underneath the windows or close to the doors, you may be disturbed by the light or other factors. Therefore, the ideal placement for a bed is as far doors or windows as possible, but make sure that you can see the entrance and other corners. Another advice is that never place your bed at the position of having your feet point out the door while sleeping, this is considered a “Dead position”

Some advice

In the bedroom, there are not just a bed and some furniture. Hence, make certain that your room is not too topsy-turvy because too much stuff in the bedroom would make your sleep disturbance.

Consider the light in your room, it must be really light and comfortable.

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