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The furniture is very important in your house. They are not used only for using demand but also for decorating your house. What are the most frequently used space and furniture in your house? If anyone asks me that question. I will answer that it is the living room and my table coffee. Table coffee is the landing of the TV remote, tissues, drink, and million other things. With me, the furniture must be unique and I love doing it myself. If you are looking for some ideas for making your own table, these are some suggestions which make our life better.

The rustic table


This design is one of the hot trends recently because of its look. It is made of the reclaimed wood as the way of industrial style. You can make it become a completely modern table with a vintage look. It is very easy to make this table. It requires only for pieces of wood or you may replace wood with 4 pieces of stone but it will a little heavy and take the effort to move. Some nails, sanding, drill, casters and brackets. Just by taking some steps you can make a gorgeous rustic table home by yourself.  You also can make it with different looks.

The modern look


You do not really like a rustic style or it is not suitable with your room’s theme? You certainly make a different style such as the modern one. A handmade table would be perfect if you have time spend on it. Some pieces of reclaimed wood or may be new wood pieces of you want it looks more modern. The legs may be made of wood or other materials depending on your interest.



Chicken crate coffee table


It sounds crazy when making a coffee table with the style of the chicken crate. But it looks really interesting and I think that you should consider it. Creating the table as same as the chicken crate for the beach-themed room would be very suitable. In the crate, you can place many things and even some small bonsais. Adding casters for movable legs for more flexible use.



Cable spool coffee table.


It is a good idea when transforming an old cable spool to a movable book storage and also a table. It will look really interesting. You can make a 2 in 1 table from an old thing. How cool is that? In your coffee time, you can read some books without walking anywhere to looking for them.




Herb garden coffee table


Displaying some tree and bonsais on you table seems very cool. But how about plan tree on your coffee table? It is an obvious idea. When making a DIY table you just need to make a drain from underneath table and then plan tree in it.

Salvaged door table


Transform an old door into a coffee table with the vintage and unique look. It is a good idea for DIY-ers. Adding some caster for moving legs and some space underneath you can have an amazing accessory for your living room.




Caster table


You have an old table and you want to replace it by a new one. I recommend that you just need to change a little bit to have a new look of you table. Replace the old legs of your table by some big casters. The oversized caster will be the hallmark of an industrial look. It will save you much money when buying a new one. Vintage wheels look good for your table and it is completely suitable for all theme of the room, even the most modern room.



Tree stump table


You can change your style of your living room by some new furniture. I recommend a new table. A new table from reclaimed wood. You make it yourself with some tree stumps. Put an old wooden door or scrap-wood on top. You even do not need any nails for this table.



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