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Reading book is one of the important demands of people. Each house should have at least one bookshelf. And it is very important to decide where and how to store the books to be organized and in order. Sometimes, a bookshelf which you buy will not meet all your requirements. To solve this, we suggest you make it yourself. The bookshelf that you want does not too difficult to make as you think. Try it with a bunch of ideas which we are going to give you now. Of course, if you are lazy to do it or you do not have a tool, you can search for the most suitable one and order it for yourself.

Bee hive bookshelves



The beehive bookshelves are very versatile and every house will want to have it. The interesting thing is that you can cut it, sand and finish it by hands.Making it with some pieces of wood which must be an exact same size and design it with your own ideas. You also can increase its length and also the number of the shelves for more space. For more attractive paint it with your interest.


Tree bookshelves


A magical tree right inside your house and filled with the book. How amazing is that? It is so cool when making one for your kids’ room. And you can also use any color which is suitable with the theme of the room. It is not only used to keep and display the books but also can be complemented by some cherished toys.

Rope bridge bookshelves



These bookshelves are very cool and flexible design also. For linking some small pieces of wood together by a chain you can have a very creative and strange bookshelf. The books can be put sideways on top of others. The bookshelves like this are very easy to make and flexible to dill into the wall just by doing some steps.

Skateboard bookshelves


You see many useless things in your house and do not know how to deal with them. For example, the old skateboards which are not used anymore. It also can make a unique bookshelf. All you need are two or more skateboards to make this shelf work. The more skateboard you have the more shelves you can make for your books.

The simple corner shelves


You do not have any ideas for the small useless corner. With the corner, it may take a little effort of working and designing but you can completely work it. Now you have a very useful space for placing your books and also some other things.

Box shelves


From the old boxes, you can create a new bookshelf without spending too much effort. All you need are the old box in different sizes, staples or clip bags. The work very easy just by place the boxes close together and use the staples or clip bags to hold your bookshelf. You will have a really cute bookshelf with a large space without taking effort and wasting money. You can decorate by painting or color it as your interest.

Rope bookshelves


To make this kind of bookshelves, you certainly need a rope and some wood pieces. It is better with the pieces in the same sizes, but it is not a problem with the different sizes of wood pieces. Make 2 small holes in the 2 side of the wood piece for piercing the rope through. Hang it up as a rope leather

Pipe bookshelves


You think that the pumping pipe cannot become a bookshelf? I will show you an interesting idea of using pumping pipe. It really looks good as frames, you can easily make them as the wall mount case. Drill it tightly to the wall and use the wood pieces to make the shelves. It is a very clever idea for making bookshelves from the special materials.


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