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A router table is a machine which is quite easy to install and also takes you less time to know how to use this. That is the reason why the woodworkers usually choose this product as an important partner of them.  And it is also important for you to learn about some skills to use the machine perfectly. Here are some procedures which you are able to master after few weeks. They are:

Working with different stocks
Trimming the edge and template work
Considering the machine as a jointer
Slots, dadoes, and grooves
Used as the stopped cuts
Box joints and dovetail
Creating raised panel doors
Finger joints, lock miter and drawer lock


Working with long, narrow, or small stock

The machine includes the feather boards which support you when working on the long as well as the narrow stocks. The stocks will be sturdy on the surface of the table and the fence with the aid of the feather boards. So you can focus on the work.

Edge Trimming and Template/Pattern Work


The aim of this task is making the surface become square, flat and smooth. On this part, you can use the straightedge or the template and then attach it to the stock. If you do that, the edge will be cleaned quickly and effectively as well. Similarly, you are able to do like that with anything which is curved.

Using a Router Table as a Jointer

On the forums about the woodworking, a lot of people ask whether the router table can be used as the jointer. And absolutely, this is totally an ability of the router table. This is an efficient way to own a jointer without losing too much money as well as space for another machine. The Rockler Router Tables provides the router table jointing shims which fit the fence bolt pattern as well. The installation just takes you some minutes.

Cutting Grooves and Slots

The router table stock can conduct many different tasks, including cutting grooves and the slots. And amazingly, you may be surprised of the things which can be solved by the machine along with just some basic router bits. When you are working on a lot of parts which are alike, they will support you very much on the speed of the operation.

Stopped Cuts


A lot of the woodworking projects require the stopped cuts which stop the entire part of the stock. They are considered as the decor, such as the chamfer, or the functional thing like a mortise and a half blind dovetail pin. For just a few seconds of the installation, the router table can be used as the stopped cut.

If you use the router which is controlled by hand or the table saw, this is considered to be quite dangerous. Moreover, the aid of the Rockler router table fence, the task will get much easier. And with the fence which is T-slotted, the cuts are made very quickly, easily and accurately. In general, these cuts which you create in this way are the perfect result.

Dovetail and Box Joints

The dovetail along with the box joints can be made in a lot of ways. You can easily find good dovetail jigs which are available on the market. In reality, there will be some benefits if you work on this task with the aid of the router table. This kind of jigs is a useful thing to make the joints become firmer and accurate as well.

There are just one or two sizes and types of joints you can select to conduct. If you want more choices, the router table is better for you to do this task. If the Incra Universal Precision Positioning Jig is used, the joints the comer post dovetail can be made in a perfect way.

Raised Panel Doors


The raised panel doors are created with the support of the router table. Why is this like that? Firstly, the bits which construct these door frames together with the panel are the large kind, so they require a lot of materials in one pass. If you use the router which is used by hand, it is quite dangerous. And secondly, you have to make the stiles as well as the coped ends of the rails perfectly in order that the doors are held together.

Lock Miter, Drawer Lock and Finger Joints


The function of the lock miter is to cut the interlocking. The lock miter is able to make the joint align very well and help the miter long to use for a long time and operate effectively. What about the drawer lock? What is its function? Well, the drawer lock helps the drawer boxes joint to each other. That is quite a hard task. Instead of using the dovetail joints, the drawer lock is the much better solution which is very simple and quick to use. With the support of it, the drawers along with the box shapes are made reliably and accurately.

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