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I really like driving a car, but I do not have enough money to buy a real car; therefore, I opted for the rock crawler. I want to buy the Best RC rock crawler, but it seems to be impossible for me, because many rock crawlers are very expensive. Finally, one of my friends who have the same passion as me introduced the Maisto RC rock crawler to me and I find it is so fascinating.

At the first look, I was impressed by this rock crawler. It has a fashionable appearance. It looks like a real racing motor. Whenever I control this crawler, it brings me a feeling as I’m a racer. I usually ask some of my friends or relatives to play with me. All of them are interested in this game and they also want to buy their own RC rock crawler. I suggested them to buy the Maisto RC rock crawler and they are satisfied with the quality of this product.


1. Features

As I mentioned above, this rock crawler is a good product which can meet all requirements of the buyers. From a very long time, the Maisto has become the most popular brand in the world. It has a long history and a wide range of different products. This reputable brand always tries to product the best rock crawler. Each version, they always add some useful features and each product has to surpass hundred experiments.

It means that the manufacturers usually put the rock crawler into the real circumstances to know whether it can work very effective or not. The designers will experience products before releasing it to the market. Therefore, you will feel happy with what it brings. Whenever you make a decision of buying any rock crawler, you should take your budget into your consideration to make for sure that it can fit your financial situation.

The Maisto rock crawler is the best one which can adapt your financial situation and the quality is pretty good. Furthermore, the Maisto is one of the most reputable brands; therefore, its quality will be ensured. They cannot ignore their reputation to produce a rock crawler with a high price. Furthermore, my friends said that the services of this brand are good enough, so they never choose the wrong product.


Some people do not understand how the Maisto rock crawler can move because the motor is not for the speed of this crawlers RC. However, you can put an end to this worry. There remain two motors which can provide a low torque for your rock crawler. In addition, it also has enough grunts which can help the wheels have enough power to move.

The same as other rock crawler because it has both rear suspension and the articulated suspension. These suspensions can make your crawler more stable without any support. While it is crawling, it will be kept in a balanced position, so breaking or falling down will not happen.

Additionally, the weight of this rock crawler is as light as possible. Therefore, you do not need to worry about how to carry it whenever you want to go travel somewhere. Last year, I went to travel in Fansipang mountain, I brought this rock crawler. It is a wonderful experience. My friend and I drove our rock crawler to climb the high mountain. It is the same as our friend. It helped us have more energy to climb the top of this high mountain.

I logged into the official website of these manufacturers and I saw that the majority of people who have used the Maisto rock crawler have given the positive comments for this brand. They are all satisfied with this crawler and have no complaint. All of this crawler’s features are improved much and apply with the cutting-edge technology.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a good rock crawler which can fulfill your hobby, this rock crawler can be a perfect selection for you. It has many different colors, so you can choose your favorite colors. The price of all colors is the same; therefore, you do not need to mention it. I usually go to a shop nearby my house and all colors are available. I just need to check the quality and choose the right color. The manufacturers will have some different warranty services for you. If you have any question, you can ask the seller or use the service of this factory.

2. Disadvantages

Aside from many advantages, the maisto crawler still has a lot of disadvantages. I do not like its battery. After purchasing this crawler, I was so curious and I just wanted to take it out of the box. I tried to start this crawler, but it did not work. I did not understand why it does not perform well as the sellers said.

I made a phone call for the seller and she said that I need to charge the battery before using. I was so unhappy because the charging time is longer than I think. It spent about 8 hours to recharge a battery fully. Besides, the battery is also a nuisance for the buyer.


For this rock crawler, you cannot take the use of the normal battery as the other rock crawlers. You had to take the advantage of the 8AAA batteries. It is very difficult for people to find out this type of battery. And some situations, when you want to replace the battery for your rock crawler, you have to spend a lot of time on finding.

Generally speaking, although this is not the best version of this brand, it is worthy enough for you to purchase. With a tight budget, this rock crawler is suitable for you and it can help you save much money.

Final thought

I do hope that you can have more information about a new brand. I recommend that you should add this crawler into your collection. You can take a look at it whenever you intend to pay for a rock crawler.

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