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I believe that many people have the same passion as me. I love the speed that is the reason why I always give my priority for some kinds of racing game. I choose the RC rock crawlers because I think that it can give me a lot of fun as I want.

The RC rock crawler is a kind of a remote controlled car. Although you can feel boring after a short time of using the remote controlled car, this one will change your thought. The RC rock crawler can make you feel more interesting. This product can help you reduce stress as well as satisfy your passion.

There remains a wide range of different RC rock crawler on the market that you can make a choice of. However, not all of them can meet your needs in terms of price and quality. The manufacturers usually have a tendency to develop their products, but not all of them are checked carefully.

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Before buying any RC rock crawlers, you should take some factors into the consideration to make for sure that it is worthy enough to buy. There are many ways for you to make a comparison among those rc rock crawlers. Before making a decision of choosing a rc rock crawler, I usually log into the official websites of the manufacturers and read the information about their products. Sometimes, I read the comments of the people who have already experienced to know more about the advantages and the disadvantages to decide which one is the best rc rock crawler.

1. The RC rock crawlers kits

One of the most important things that you need to think about is the RC rock crawler kits. Without this part, your crawler cannot move smoothly. I learnt about this crawler kit very carefully, and then I realize that this part plays a very important role in the movement of the rc rock crawler.

When you buy an rc rock crawler kit, it is very important for you to follow the instructions of the manufacturers strictly. The detail instruction is written on the box of the RC rock crawler.


If you have knowledge about this field, it is better for you to build by yourself. By this way, you can save a large amount of money. Besides, it also provides you a lot of fun. To take the use of the RC rock crawler is very easy. You just need to open the box to take the RC rock crawler out. And then, you have to charge its battery. That’s all what you have to do to start the RC rock crawler.

2. How to buy a RC rock crawler

The price of the RC rock crawler is various from lower to higher prices. From my viewpoint, I believe that the price of the product is equivalent to its price. With only about 50$, you can make a payment for a RC rock crawler.

With a higher quality RC rock crawler, you have to pay about more than about $200. I think that, if you have enough money, you should invest the highest quality rc rock crawler.

To buy this product, you can search the information on the internet and order it online. They have a very useful website for customers to refer. They can get the detail information about the products and then make a decision of whether you will buy or not. Besides, you also can go to some shops to pay for it.

3. Some recommended rc rock crawlers

The first rc rock crawler that you should add into your collection is the slickrock 1/18th rock buggy. This is one of the most outstanding products in the market in this day and time. It is improved much to become a perfect choice for you, compared to the older version.


This rc rock crawler is very special with the best performance. The same as other products, this rc rock crawler is a kind of the permanent 4WD which has a multi-link suspension. With this improvement, this slickrock 1/18 rock buggy is strong enough.

The second rc rock crawler that you should choose is the Axial AX10 ridgecrest crawler. It has a wide range of different great features with several things such as the wild boar, and the inspired axles. Although it does not move fast as the other ones, it still is the best choice for other people who like a slow movement.

The last one is the Mad torque rock crawler. This rc rock crawler has a reasonable price that all people can have enough money to buy. It has grippy wheels which can last its longevity longer. Each part of this rock crawler is made and checked carefully to ensure for the safety of the drivers,

For the newer version of the rock crawler, it is upgraded and its price is lower than the older one. Some people think that if the price is cheaper, its quality can be lower; however, this viewpoint is not really true. After several successful improvements, this rc rock crawler has become the most favorite one.

To buy the best rc rock crawler, the first and foremost thing, you had better learn about what is the best rc rock crawler kit to know when it is ready to run.

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